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Sunday, February 2, 2014
Say glamourous10:07 PM

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Say glamourous2:57 PM

Dear shoppers,

[updated 5th June 2013!]

PRETTYPEOPLECLOTHES is back with more exciting stuff! Stay tuned for our upcoming items. 

Meanwhile, we are also clearing our current stocks. All items listed on the websites are available while stocks last. 
Please place your order through us directly at prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com with the following information:

Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Date of Birth:
Mobile No:
Mode of Postage: Normal/Registered postage (Normal postage is at $1.50 per item, additional $0.50 for each additional item and Registered postage is an additional $2.50 on top of normal postage pricing).

Item #1: x no. of items e.g. 2 x Waist Slimming Belts

Item #2:
Item #3:
Item #4:
Item #5:

Total Quantity ordered:

Total Amount including Postage:
Mode of Payment: POSB/DBS Transfer only* Account number will be provided upon confirmation of order.

I agree to abide to the Terms & Conditions stated on PrettyPeopleClothes website and understand that this may be subjected to changes without prior notice.

Date of submission of order:

*We will respond as soon as possible once we have received your order form. Please do NOT use the order form at the side of the page as it is no longer in use and we are drafting up a new one.

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Monday, December 7, 2009
Say glamourous3:08 AM

7th December 2009

Check out
for SALES.

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Monday, August 31, 2009
Say glamourous2:38 PM

PRICE SLASHED 20% off. NOW @$40 only. usual price $50. 
Was selling at $55+ in stores. 

Lancome Pure Focus Masque
(Self-Heating Mask)
Size: 100ml/ 3.4oz

The mask's self-heating and massaging action works like a facial sauna to dilate pores and effectively remove impurities and excess sebum. A powerful, anti-bacterial agent associated with marine algae extract proven to soothe, purify, and regulate sebum production.
Brand New!
Comes in a box packaging. Ideal for your skin.

Retails at SGD 55+

Selling at SGD 40 (special price, first person to email us the order gets it :D)
Only 1 piece available! Letting go only cos I bought an extra piece.

Email to prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com for your order.

Grab one now for yourself or ladies, get it as a gift for your girlfriend! They're sure to love the effect of this sensational self-heating masque :)

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Say glamourous10:39 AM

Our items avail for supply includes

1. Skinny Jeans (Manha, Lona, Zedane, ENE, Super Skinny etc)

Email me for rates in bulk purchase. Min. 20 pcs per order for wholesale price.
For wholesales of Skinny Jeans, stocks will take approx. 1-2weeks to arrive after payment has been made.

2. Beauty products
Email me for rates in bulk purchase. Min. 50 pcs per order for wholesale price.
3. Pashmina Shawls
Email me for rates in bulk purchase. Min. 20 pcs per order for wholesale price.

Drop us an email at prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com if you would like to get supplies from us.

For those who have preordered items from us, you can check ur order list at http://ppc-preorder-status.blogspot.com/ pls note that only those who have been invited can access. Please login using a valid Google Gmail account. The password is your own password.
Note: This measure is taken to protect the privacy of all customers and only participants of preorders can access the page. If you have ordered from us for a PREORDER, and dun have access, kindly send a mail to prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com and we will send you the invitation. Thank you.

© prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com


For the glamourlicious
Welcome Pretties. We are pleased to have you here :D

love glamour*
pretty accessories*
pretty clothes*

Love your beauty, Love pretty clothes

Contact us at prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com

We are now on MSN! Add us at prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com

We will be featured on Slops on 8th March 2008 :D

Shoppers Online!

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We love Nuffnang Ads!
Check this out! :)

rules & regulations

Terms & Conditions

Read before placing your order =D

♥ Quick & fast deals! No dead buyers allowed.

♥ Email us at prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com to place your orders

*Please follow the order form below for the format.

♥ All Orders will be mailed.

♥ Strictly no meetups.

♥ Payments via DBS/POSB bank transfer only.

♥ Acct no. will be given in confirmation email.

♥ Strictly No interbank transfers.

♥ All prices are fixed and final.

♥ Items are on a first come first serve basis.

No backing out after confirming order.

No cancelling during midst of order.

No payment= No order

♥ Pls note that the colour shown in the pictures may differ slightly from actual colour due to lighting/picture quality.

♥ All prices stated are in SGD.

♥ International buyers are welcomed. International shipping fees apply.

♥ Reservations of items are available but payment must be made within 48hrs else it will be released for sale.

♥ Items will only be sent out when payment is received.

♥ Prices stated are not inclusive of postage; unless stated otherwise.

♥ We will not be liable for any broken/spoilt items when they are shipped/mailed.

♥ We will not be liable for any lost mails.

Opt for registered mail if you want more security for your purchase.

Goods sold are non-refundable/non-exchangeable

♥ Swaps are dependent on whether you have the item that we are looking for.

♥ For Sprees conducted, in the event of bad response, PrettyPeopleClothes reserves the rights to cancel sprees.
In which case, full amount will be refunded to you

♥ For Sprees, use our order form(box below) and follow the format to place orders. Other formats are not acceptable.

No unauthorized ripping of things off this website.
If you want to use something, please credit us and email us to let us know.

PrettyPeopleClothes reserves the right to change the T&C without prior notice.

We hope you will have a pleasant shopping experience so do abide by the T&C. =D

Order Form
Use the order form and click 'submit' for your orders, pretties :D

In the event that the form is not functioning, please submit your orders by email to prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com

Subject: *
Name *
E-mail Address: *
Mailing Address *
Date of Birth *
Mobile No *
Postage *Normal Postage (For Shawls, Beauty Products, Elmo Tees) $1.50 per item
Normal Postage (For Skinny Jeans) $3.50 per piece
Registered Postage (Additional $3 on top of normal postage costs)
Item #1 *
Item #2
Item #3
Item #4
Item #5
Total Qty (total no. of items ordered) *
Method of payment (POSB/DBS bank transfer) *
Total amt (incl. Postage) *
Do you agree with T&C stated? *

* RequiredPowered by myContactForm.com

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Kindly check your email (junk as well since sometimes they may end up in the junk section) & click on the confirmation link in order to be subscribed to our mailing list =D

Join the Mailing List
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Live Chat with PrettyPeopleClothes
LiveChat here!! If PrettyPeopleClothes is online, You can chat with us here!

Use either of the instant messaging chats to msg us! If we don't respond on one, you can try the other if one is down. =D

Alternatively, add us on msn at prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com should you have any enquries for instant chat also.

Click here to use Plugoo to instant chat with us OR use CHATANGO below to chat with us!

Please use this for advertisements only! Enquiries use board below or email us =D.


Special Deals
Check out the hot deals of the week here.

Members' Special!! Grab your items now!!

** Join us to become a member of PrettyPeopleClothes and get to enjoy the special discounts!
5% off All Regular Items
Members' Birthday Special: purchase on ur birthday and enjoy 10% discount! :D
Note: Discounts applicable on the price(s) stated only. Does not apply to postage fees.
i.e. calculate your total amount * % discount then add on postage fees.

All Enquiries here!! Advertisements pls use board ABOVE.


Check out our testimonials or drop us a testimonial if you've purchased from us before =)

Our Services
If you would like to advertise on our site, drop us an email at prettypeopleclothes@gmail.com and we can negotiate a deal.

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